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Tammy Miller

Tammy is the program director at Jersey Wild. Tammy has over 30 years of cheerleading experience and owned her own all-star gym for 10 years. Tammy served as team captain of the varsity cheerleading squad and cheered for the "Big 33" program in her senior year.  From 1997-2004, Tammy was head coach for St. Anthony's Grammar School (Trenton, N.J.).  Her team was named Champion at the 2002 CYO tournament and remained one of the top two teams in the CYO Division for three consecutive years. Previously, Tammy served as director of Discover All-Stars and coached her team to numerous national titles and grand championships.


Alexa Cohen

Alexa has been coaching cheerleading for 12 years and cheering for 16! She has cheered on many teams, from pop warner to high school to all star to college. Alexa coaches our Paw Prints and Bobcats teams, and is working towards her Master’s in Education. She also runs all of our social media accounts, so if you have any pictures you’d like to share let her know!


Madison Owles

Madison is entering her senior year at Pennsbury High School. She loves coaching and seeing athletes gain new skills especially when they work so hard for it. Madison also works in the NJAC Kid's Club teaching gymnastics. This is her second season at Jersey Wild and she coaches Paw Prints and Bobcats!


Shannon McCarthy

Shannon is new to our Wild family. After cheering pop warner from the age of 4, she went on to cheer for her high school and was named cheer captain. Her senior year, Shannon cheered for Comet All Stars, where her team went on to win 2 National Championships. She took some time off to complete her schooling and recently moving to this area, she has found our gym and is eager to start her journey at Jersey Wild All Stars. 


Alyssa Yeger

Alyssa is new to our Wild family! She was a competitive cheerleader for 10 years and will be a senior in high school. During the summer she is a camp counselor and works with kids of all ages. She's excited to be back involved in cheerleading coaching Jersey Wild Panthers!


Debbi Senko

Coach Deb started her coaching journey at Haverford High School and was head coach of Freshman, JV, and Varsity teams. After 12 years, she took a break from coaching to become a mom. She began coaching again for the Pennsbury rec program and remained there for 5 years, coaching levels 1-3. For her 18th year, Deb's excited to coach the Jersey Wild Panthers and enter the world of all star cheer!


Bianca Piccinetti

Coach Bianca has been coaching at Jersey Wild since she was seventeen. She currently goes to school at Rider University and is an English Writing Major. When she isn't at the gym, she is also a preschool teacher. Bianca coaches Panthers and Lynx.


Anthony Robinson

Anthony has over 15 years’ experience in cheer, both in competing and coaching. He has won multiple national championships, including 6 US Final championships,  2016 UCA International Championships, and placed top 10 at the 2017 Summit. His passion for the sport of cheerleading is undeniable - His energy and passion shines through to the teams that he coaches where he embodies leadership and dedication.  Anthony is an experienced choreographer who works with many local high school, recreational and all-star teams.


Andrea Brooks

Andrea has over 15 years of cheerleading experience and has been involved in coaching mini, junior and senior teams. Andrea brings excellent skills in teaching cheerleaders the proper techniques of spotting and basing as well as basic cheer skills including motions, jumps, and dance.  She has a Master Certification from The National Council for Spirit Safety Education and is USASF Certified Levels 1-3. Andrea coaches our Jags team!


Rachel Quinn

Rachel has over 17 years of cheerleading experience and has been involved in coaching junior and senior teams. She brings excellent skills in teaching cheerleaders the proper techniques of basic cheer skills including stunts, motions, jumps and dance. She has also been a flyer for 17 years and has tremendous skills in all-girl and co-ed stunting. Rachel is USASF Certified Levels 1-4.

Zak Perez

Mike Sherman

Joe Ramalho

Marquis Johnson

Jeff Abbot

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